26: How to expand the reach of your consultancy with digital products with special guest Cindy Skalicky


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I've had a string of consulting projects this year that have helped existing, high touch service businesses – predominately well established coaches and consultancies – expand their reach and revenue by creating a digital product like a course, membership, or subscription.

In short, this has looked like taking the methodology of the business owner, consultant, or coach, and packaging up their IP, or intellectual property, into a self serve format that they can sell at a lower price point to their prospects without as much 1 on 1 interaction.

Digital products like this give new clients the opportunity to see your expertise in action without the high touch price point and often serve as a way to feed a consulting or coaching pipeline.

Since I've been working with a lot of these types of clients, I'm doing a short interview series to unpack the decision making process and actual steps that business owners have taken who are moving toward digital products.

In episode 26 had the pleasure of interviewing Cindy Skalicky about how she has started to expand the reach of her consultancy by adding her first digital product.

She provides excellent advice for anyone taking their first steps toward a digital product!

With 25 years of experience under her belt, Cindy provides expert public speaking, coaching and brand consulting to business owners and professionals seeking to master their message on stage, online and in publications.

Her passion for crafting, analyzing and presenting messages developed through over 25 years in the corporate, academic and entrepreneurial worlds. She provides theory-based coaching to clients who want to enhance pitch decks, TED talks, storytelling, presentation presence, brand messaging, PR strategy and more. Contact Cindy at info@onpoint-communications.com or call 970-290-4684.

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