Ruthlessly prioritize RGAs

RGAs, also known as Revenue Generating Activities, are the most important actions you can take in your business. As a membership site owner, you probably wear just about every hat in your organization and are drowning in daily tasks just to keep your site running and members happy.

To actually improve your business, you need to take a block of time (I recommend ~4 hours all at once every month), turn your phone off, close your email, go somewhere where no one knows you with zero distractions, and work on moving the needle.

Stop making excuses about how you don't have time to optimize your revenue because you have 18 support tickets, 215 emails, and 35 threads to respond to. Those will be there for you when you get back, and – surprise! – they're never going away. There will always be more emails, more problems, and more people vying for your time and attention.

Get back in the driver's seat and stop being reactive. Successful membership site owners are PROactive. They set goals and work backwards from there to create a plan to achieve them.

Fundamental RGAs include:

  1. Lowering churn (the absolute fastest path to increasing profit),
  2. Getting more new members
  3. Maximizing cLTV (customer lifetime value) of current members through upsells and referrals

Your job: get quiet for 4 hours and work ON your business.

Need help setting your quiet time agenda? Get on the phone with me for 15 minutes, no obligation, no charge, no sales pitch. Just email me.

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