Are your members sticking around?

Do you know the building blocks of a power user on your membership site? How about common off-ramps for those who churn?

You should. Your membership business depends on it. Your marketing should be informed by it.

Key Retention Behaviors (KRBs) are actions taken by members who, over time, become power users. They are the most important signposts that someone is going to stick around and might include behaviors like:

  1. Completing a course/content series
  2. Creating a username for your forum
  3. Replying to a post in your forum
  4. Starting a thread of their own
  5. Joining a cohort or club within your membership site
  6. Referring someone to your membership
  7. Engaging with you via phone, email, or social media

To be able to trace the path of your power users (those who stay the longest, spend the most, and are referral machines) from the time they first became aware of your membership site, through their onboarding and long term site engagement, and then encourage new members to take that same path = less churn, happier members, and more dollars.

What are the KRBs for your members? What's missing from this list for you?

Our engagement tracking app, MemberScore, will help you identify your KRBs, power users, and perhaps most importantly, those who are most likely to churn. I know you don’t have time to spare, so MemberScore also uses magical unicorn fairy dust to bring members back into engagement on your membership site.

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