Without this, your marketing is a waste

Your ability to put on the shoes of your target prospect – feel what they feel, want what they want – and THEN communicate to them from that mindset, will be the difference between your success and failure as a marketer. And for you, that means the success or failure of your membership business.

Empathy matters more than any statistic or compelling feature you can offer.

So how do you do that?

Seth Godin teaches that the more closely your marketing message aligns with your prospect’s foundational desires, the more effective your marketing will be. Here are some foundational desires Seth identifies: safety, health, belonging, adventure, respect, power, security, sex, good looks, learning new things, peace of mind, control, relationship, romance, community, sympathy, freedom of expression, participation, creativity, and strength.

You have discovered a change that needs to be made in the marketplace, and so you created your membership site. Your ongoing work is to find that group that wants to be changed using your solution and communicate to them, with empathy, on an ongoing basis how your solution meets their foundational desires.

Audit one piece of your marketing content right now. The most easily accessible piece. Do you even scratch the surface of promising to meet foundational desires with your membership? If not, try again.

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