Intended first impression?

Unless you have a fully operational chat bot to capture leads and track account based engagement on your site (props if you do), lead magnets still matter.

Is the information in yours still accurate and intriguing?

Up to date or the same one you’ve used for the past 2 years...or even 6 months?

Is the content so dialed in that only someone who would have the potential to be a power user on your membership site would want it?

Or are you casting a wide net because you’re desperate for leads?

Your job: put yourself in the shoes of your prospect and go download your own lead magnet. Look at it with fresh eyes and have a gut check.

Then, do the same thing on your top competitor’s sites. How does yours stack up?

Exercise your RGA (revenue generating activity) muscles and start a habit of ruthlessly prioritizing improving areas of your business that lead to money in the door. You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Make sure your lead magnet makes the impression you want on a potential power user.

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